Monday, May 5, 2014

Some Random Thoughts about Gaming

So, gaming, both Tabletop and Video style, has been a big part of my life for many, many years.  It has been the release that I have needed over those same years, an escape from myself and my thoughts.  Don't get me wrong, it has caused me some problems...simply put there are many people, even today, who are put off by the idea of gamer's and the idea of RPG's in general.

As an escape it has allowed me to find a way to put my thoughts into something more concrete and to challenge myself.  The challenge isn't a hard one really, it is merely to push myself to write and/or draw more often.  While this is a somewhat simple goal, it isn't always one I am able to meet.  I sometimes go to great lengths to stop myself from being creative.  I have been known to talk myself out of it quite often really.

Thoughts of inadequacies, however silly, creep to the front time and time again and diminish what I have gone to great lengths to create.  Take my art for instance.  It is honestly a talent I have never truly pursued but I have been extremely fortunate to use of late.  Opportunities, both free and paid, have come up that have helped me to feel better about that part of my life, but there are always doubts.

Add to all of that a combination of over-active imagination, and sheer laziness and you get where I am most of the time.  Despite all of this there are many of you that inspire me without knowing it.  Even those of you that I have 'called-out' as being such usually don't know exactly how much they have done for me...

People like Nathan Richmond, Jay Libby, Joshua Kubli, and now the relative newcomers to my life such as Peter Bryant have helped me in many ways that I will always be grateful for.  As this year progresses, the year where I vowed to do more with my talents, I hope to show them... and all of you, how much I appreciate your support.

Thanks as always!!