Friday, December 30, 2016

End of the Year - New Writer

The last time I posted on this blog was way back in January I believe.  I won't bore you with everything that has been going on since then. I will simply say it was...

As the New Year swings into view its time for me to start thinking out my writing for the next year. I hope to make '17 a bigger year than '16 was. I was fortunate enough to work with a few talented people to get some projects out. (Yes I mean you... but not YOU).

This year I plan to work with these, and other folks again to put out an ever increasing line of products.  Some things changed hands, I am no longer a half owner in the Crazy8's product. But I have brought my 'Hard Luck Ink' brand back online at RPGNow and have started putting my works there.

My current 'to-do' list is three fold.

1: To continue to release small supplements for +Diogo Nogueira's great RPP Sharp Swords and Sinister Spells. +Anthony Lewis and I just released one this week and have another already in the works.

2: Finish my personal sci-fi game by June 1. This is a more ambitious project but thankfully there some great things out there to reference for ideas and inspiration. (Yes, I realize I could just take one of those inspirations and work with it, and I may, we just have to see).

3. Fiction! I started this whole game writing thing as a way to flesh out my ideas. Ideas that I had planned to put into short-stories or novels. I have drifted a LONG way from that so I am changing that in '16. I'm not sure what scope I will be working on (short stories, novellas, novels etc). Regardless of the scope I miss that kind of work and want to do much more of it this coming year.

So, be prepared to see more of my posts here. I gave you all a year off and now it's time to release the writing hounds once more!

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