Thursday, July 11, 2013

Invulnerable Rpg Review

I guess I am in a Review mood today... That is ok though as I have been meaning to put up some more thoughts about this game.  I mentioned this game before in another blog post and right now it is the main system in my addled little mind for my next Supers Setting.

Invulnerable is written by Joshua Kubli and actually consists of two books.  The first, Invulnerable, is the core rules and easily contains everything you need to play a super-heroic campaign.  The second book, Dauntless, is an expansion that does just that.  It adds new types of character origins, powers, and new ways to create characters faster.

Now, while it is a somewhat crunchy game, especially compared to things like Icons, Supers, or BASH, it is well written and allows for a wide range of characters.  It is difficult for two Players to create the exact same character unless they specifically try.  There are so many choices available that you can pretty much make anything you can imagine.

The game is partially based on what is called the Awesomeness (Awe) Level.  The Awe level allows the Game Master to set the power-level of all the characters while still giving the Player a great amount of flexibility in making their hero.  It is possible to create characters from simple street-level vigilantes all the way up to star-faring individuals who regularly save the universe.

There is, of course, more to the game than just the powers.  The system also puts an emphasis on the characters origin and allows the Player to craft that as well.  This perhaps is the best feature of the character-creation as it allows for characters with a background, a bit of history, before play starts.  It also has a comprehensive list of skills to finish off your character.

Unlike many core-rules Invulnerable also includes several NPC's that can be used as allies or antagonists for the game.  These pre-generated NPC's are statted up as any other character and can be used for those who dont't want to go through the entire creation process.

All and all I give this game a 4.5 of 5.  The only thing I would like to see is more examples throughout the book, although Joshua has also created a couple of free PDF's that assist with the game and creation process.

Thanks all and happy gaming!

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