Saturday, July 6, 2013

What is Rally Cry?

The topic of this post kind of says it all.  To me Rally Cry has been both a burden and a baby for many years now.  As my friends know I have been working on this project, in various forms, for the last several years.  I have started, stopped, deleted and written more ideas about this world then I can even fathom.

In it's earliest days RC was just a copy of any other comic-book world.  Brightly clad heroes fighting gaudy villains all across the world.  As time passed the world got darker.  It changed partially from my love of Iron Age comics but also from my own moods.  I am not always the cheeriest person and that is usually reflected in my writing.

Several times over the last few years I have had the fortune to work with my friend Nathan.  He and I have collaborated on several different projects ranging from simple game systems through detailed settings.  Unfortunately we have never had much luck getting our ideas finished.  We always get caught up in a variety of different 'what-ifs' that stall, and eventually stop our progress.

Rally Cry was born from a combination of my ideas and input from Nate.  In the early days it was an attempt to be 'different' while still keeping the same flavor of a comic-book world.  I have come to realize now that the idea of a brightly colored comic book just isn't for me anymore.  At its conception RC was about the world under attack by an alien armada.  Over the years I have moved the timeline back, back to several years before the war would take place.  It has moved back so far that I can barely see it at times.

I hope to change that.  I have wanted to work this line of thought, this setting, out of my head for what seems like forever now.  I have decided to mold some of what I have currently into the new history of Rally Cry and move time forward once more to a time just after the attacks begin.  I know that such an idea may not be entirely original...a post apocalyptic super-hero setting, but I think I can make something good out of it.

I say it RC is my baby, but it is more of a mild addiction...something that I keep coming back to whenever my defenses are down.  By defenses I of course mean whenever I have a writing block or am feeling frustrated with other projects.  So bear with me if my next few posts seem chaotic or random, but that will be me hammering out ideas here so others can see them and hopefully give me some input as to what they see.

Thanks as always!

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