Wednesday, July 24, 2013

M&M Wednesday

Hey everyone!

In my quest to be a better writer I have started writing and drawing in a specific schedule and part of that is working on my Monsters and Magic setting each week on this day.

The pantheon of Espeth is large, consisting of gods worshipped by all of the sentient species of the land.  Each god is seen in a variety of forms by the different species but one, Aberone, is viewed the same way by all.  Aberone was the first of the gods to discover life already existing on Espeth and was the first to bring religion, law, and justice to the people.

The attached file contains the write-up for Aberone and notes on his worshipers.  As the setting progresses all of the deities of Espeth will be expanded upon.  I hope you enjoy this and the following write-ups of each of the gods.

Thanks, and keep on Gaming!

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