Wednesday, July 31, 2013

M&M Wednesday 2

Hello all!

Here it is, another Wednesday and another delve into my Monsters and Magic setting of Espeth.  Todays post concerns another of the many gods of the land Astrael, the son of Aberone.

One of the things I have been considering when working on my deities is how they are perceived by the different races as well as how many of these I should do.  In truth I have at least two gods detailed for each of the basic OSR alignments although these are seen from a more human perspective.  The thing I am wondering is would there be entirely different gods for each of the many species of my setting or would they all just be aspects of the same set of deities?

One of the reasons I wonder this is due to the fact that the gods were not always part of the fabric of Espeth.  Espeth itself is an island-continent on the massive planet of Andorell and, for millennia, was unknown to the gods.  It was only through the actions of the elves that the gods ever learned of the land and the many troubles that inhabit it.

It is an interesting question to be sure and one that I will be working on in the coming few posts.  My plan for the next M&M post, which I will put up this coming Monday, will be concerning the discovery of Espeth and some of the important actions that have had a direct impact on both the deities there as well as the mortal races that call it home.

Thanks and keep on Gaming!

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