Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Super Tuesdays 2

Hey everyone.  Long time no post I know...

On the heels of my just blogged post about one of my G-Core characters I felt the desire to expand on some of my thoughts concerning super-hero gaming and the genre in general.  As you all well know I have a decades old love for comic books.  I have read and forgotten more comic book story lines then I can ever hope to remember, but that's the point of it isn't it?  I think it is a good thing to occasionally forget story-lines so when they run a similar one you aren't totally turned off.

And that is the trick isn't it?  Being new while still holding to the traditions of what came before.  That is one of the ideas that is directly influencing my current goal for Rally Cry.  Since it's beginning RC has been a 'typical' setting.  It is one with all the common super-hero tropes although it had a darker 'Iron Age' feel to it.  What I am working on now is something different than what I have done in the past.

Instead of a world populated by costume-clad do-gooders and bad guys I want to do a post-apocalyptic world where the alien invaders have smashed the planet and now humanity is on the ropes.  Now I realize this isn't a totally new idea.  I am hoping though that by inserting a super-human element I can create something fun.  Does all of this mean that I am done with my normal world of RC?  Nah, as I mentioned once before it is too much of an addiction to me, but hopefully I can channel this into something different than I have been doing.

My plan is still to release the characters in multiple formats including G-Core and Invulnerable, although the latter will be a bit later as I have decided to wait till the Vigilante Edition is released.  I have however decided (with the assistance of a good friend) to stop working on my own system.  I simply do not have the right mind set to work all of my grand ideas into a workable set of mechanics.

That being said I plan to use my formidable powers (hah!) for bigger and better settings and characters!

Thanks for reading and keep on Gaming!

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