Thursday, July 4, 2013

The Ruins of New York

When I was first coming up with ideas for my own supers setting many many years ago I decided that I wanted to radically shake up the nature of the country.  Over the years this idea grew and eventually became what it is in the RC Universe now.  Basically not one, but two cities were destroyed in a massive battle with a hitherto unknown enemy.

In the end two American cities, New York and Washington DC, were left in ruins.  The attached file contains the write up of what is left of NYC.  I am happy with many parts of it, but as I re-write the Rally Cry Universe much of it is going to be expanded upon and changed a bit.

And also, while the NPC's were originally created for G-Core they will soon be re-done into another system for further fun

As always Thanks and Enjoy!!

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