Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Testament Chronicles 2

One of the things I want with Testament Chronicles is to have lots of options. Several player races, different choices of professions (kinda like classes) for instance. I like games that offer up different ideas for species to play. The problem is most of them don't give you a lot of detail about said species. Usually you get a paragraph or two and are supposed to go with it from there. This isn't a bad way to do it but I like detail.

What I thought I would do today is share the write up for one of the species of Testament Chronicles.  It's kind of long, but I hope you all enjoy it.

Background: The armet are an ancient species of scholars, historians, and archeologists. Long ago they left their home world for the stars. Over the centuries the armet have encountered scores of different species. Most encounters were peaceful and beneficial to both species but some resulted in terrible wars. The armet learned long ago they were not suited for the rigors of war. Their peaceful mindset and weak ‘bodies’ meant leaving battle to other species.

The armet were thrilled when the Grand Dominion offered them a home. They knew that the Dominion was an ever-expanding society. The armet knew Dominion would could benefit from their abilities and that the Dominion would protect them.

Today armet roam the Sakora System seeking lost knowledge and collecting ancient relics. The Dominion greatly value in their finds and inspects even the smallest artifact When not exploring armet can be found teaching others and acting as mediaries. They do their best to remain neutral so to view delicate situations more clearly. Even the cymean are known to call upon the armet when their own negotiations fail.

Personalities: Armet live to learn. They are more concerned with knowledge than any other facet of life. Armet seem cold and distant to others. Their dry sense of humor and poor people skills makes them seem humorless. They are always darting to-and-fro looking for things they may have missed. Armet emotions are difficult to gauge as their communications are all psychic in nature. They are loyal friends and will remain with outsiders so long as they continue learning new things.

Appearance: Armet are free-floating spheres of colorful glowing energy. The most common coloration found among them are shades of red or blue, although they can appear in any color of the spectrum. The emotional state of an armet is reflected both in its coloration as well as its bodily shape. Calm armet are entirely spherical and their bodies only emit gentle light. As an armet becomes agitated its body takes on a more rigid appearance and small pieces break off and begin orbiting their body at high speed. The color of the armet also changes to a much brighter hue of their natural color and they radiate a much greater amount of light.

Armet are able to communicate with one another through the use of an incredibly complex combination of body colors, radiant light, and various body shapes. Although there have been many attempts to decipher the armet language none have been able to reproduce its intricacies. The armet are generally quiet individuals but when they need to communicate with others they do so by using an advanced combination of telepathy and empathy. It is somewhat eerie at first, to simply feel and understand what an armet is thinking and feeling, but as one becomes more accustomed to it the easier it becomes.

The armet’s psychic abilities are not limited to mere conversation; they also possess telekinetic abilities. When necessary they manifest long tendrils of psychic energy to manipulate objects and interact with the physical world. Even the gear they make use is uniquely armet in design. The armet make use of intricately created devices built into small crystal housings. These crystals weave and bob around an armet until they are needed, at which time they stop moving just long enough to be used. Anything else that an armet needs to use is manipulated by means of their telekinesis. The armet do not have the need for any sort of clothing or other accoutrements although they are fond of precisely cut crystals and gemstones. All manner of specially designed jewelry spins and orbits an armet at any time. It is this type of creativity that helps to identify individual armet to outsiders.

Attribute Modifiers: +2 Intellect, -2 Body
Base HP: 4
Base PP: 8
Special Traits
  • Flight: Armet can move 40’ per round. They can float as high as 100’ or as low as an inch above the surface.
  • Glow: Armet can use their light to blind creatures. This can be used as a beam out to 100’ or as a flash. The flash affects all non-armet within 50’.
  • Telekinetic: Can move and operate small objects up to 50’ away. The armet uses their Int modifier to determine weights allowed.
  • Telepathy: Can communicate psychically with all sentient species.

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