Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Monsters & Magic: Into Darkness 3

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I think that for this weeks Monsters & Magic post I will jump right to the point!  The main thing I love about this game is not necessarily its Old School feel, rather it is its Effect Engine.  Simply put the Effect Engine allows you to create special effects or great failures depending on the way the dice come up.  Now I understand that this isn't a breakthrough in gaming history, but I enjoy it and so will continue to work on it in my own twisted way.

One of the things I am working on right now is altering the way skills are done.  Instead of the more 'typical' OSR feel I am breaking skills down into some specific groups and doing away with the entire level = power kind of thing.  This way of thinking is predicated by the fact that I am not a huge fan of Level-Progression in general and think the E.E would allow for individual growth while keeping a simple basis.

Each character class start with 10-points of skills plus a few optional points that allow the Player to customize the character to their desires.  As the character gains experience (something I will cover later) they will gain more points to be used to increase existing, or purchase totally new skills.

Presented here is my take on the base 'fighter-type' class for my version of M&M.  As you can see it is still simple and easy to understand and, at least to me, still fits the overall 'feel' of M&M.

As always, please let me know what you all think!  I am always open to advice and critique!  And of course... Keep on Gaming!!


Primary Attribute:      Constitution
Physical Hit Points:     1d10
Mental Hit Points:       1d6
Starting Money:          2d4 x 200 chits

            You are the epitome of the modern fighting man.  Your skills have been honed over the years to make you a formidable foe regardless of the situation.  You may be a simple militia member in a small settlement, or part of the ever expanding Union military machine.  As a person-of-action you know how best to apply force and more importantly are able to determine when, and if, said force is necessary.
Soldier Base Skills
Combat Skills
·         Edged Weapons            1          
·         Ballistic Weapons         2
·         Energy Weapons           1

General Skills  
·         Athletics                      2
·         Stealth                         1
·         Survival                        2         
·         Tactics                         1

Soldier Traits
·         Armor Training: You are able to use all forms of personal body armor
·         Field Repairs: You are adept at maintaining your equipment even in harsh environments
·         Fighting Lore: As current
·         Feats of Strength: As current

Soldier Advancements
·         Blitz: You are able to add your Milestone level to your Initiative Score
·         Brothers in Arms: You can call on former comrades for aid.  This requires a Charisma check with a TN of 18 and if successful a nearby NPC is someone friendly to the character.  This may be used once per session.
·         Leadership in Battle: As current
·         Followers (Heroic Milestone): As current
·         Sidekick (Heroic Milestone): As current
·         Stronghold (Epic Milestone): As current

Other Advancements
·         All-Out Attack Stance
·         Defensive Stance

·         Precise Strike Stance

Monday, January 27, 2014

G-Core Monday 2: Thoughts on the game Details and the Solider Calling

Hello there!

Here we are, post two of what is planed to be an ongoing weekly post of G-Core related goodness.  I was thinking about G-Core, and its predecessor the FASERIP system, and its ability to be used for genres other than super-heroes.

The mechanics for G-Core are extremely simple... you roll a single d10, add your Attribute/Skill/Power Rank and compare that to either a static Target Number or the result of your targets defensive roll.  Easy right?

What I like about this is that it does a couple things well.  First it is wide open for expansion and modification.  The rules presented in G-Core Deluxe provide a variety of powers and ideas that allow the Game Master to create pretty much anything they, or the player, could need.

A good example of this would be the currently unnamed setting that I am creating for it. Basically the setting is quite simple and low-powered.  The main idea is that ordinary human beings, along with a few ally races, are battling a myriad of supernatural threats.  Jay, the creator of G-Core, wrote an expansion for his game simply called G-Core Grit that introduced the system for creating low-powered, deadly, and quite 'gritty' level characters.

It is with these guidelines that I am creating my setting.  It is a fun project and I am making good progress.  I hope to have the character creation guidelines finished in the next week or so and then I will move on to writing up new creatures, new abilities, and evil organizations.  Like I said... much fun ensues!

Today I present you with the write up for the Solider Calling.  There are no 'classes' per say, rather a set of rough groups that grant the character a few benefits and a requisite flaw.  The hope that these edges will grant the Player some ideas to better play the character and help differentiate the callings from each other...

            For years you have practiced the arts of self-defense.  You may have been part of a standing army, a private militia, or you could simply be a ‘gun-nut’. Regardless of your motivations you have learned how best to protect yourself and those around you.

Stat Modifier: 5-point bonus to Moxie
Special Focus: Military +10, Survival +10, Tactics +10

            Old War Buddies: You have a number of friends from your days in the service that you are able to call on.  Once per session you are able to make a Spirit Check with a TN of 30.  Success indicates that you were able to contact an old friend for some sort of assistance.  This aid can include providing equipment, shelter, and transportation but should not involve anything that could lead to the friend’s injury or death.

            Resilient: You have trained yourself to withstand pain that would fell a normal person.  Once per day you are able to ignore an amount of damage equal to your Moxie Stat.

            Weapons Guru: You know the ins-and-outs of all manner of weaponry from simple knives through heavy artillery.  This training grants you a 10-point bonus to all Attacks with two specific weapon types.  This bonus also relates to all Checks to identify and repair those types of weapons.

            Trauma: Your years of active duty have begun to have their toll on you.  During character creation you must choose something that triggers this problem.  It could be something physical, such a penalty when using ranged weapons due to a missing eye (Agility).  It may be something mental such as traumatic flashbacks caused by the smell of cordite (Spirit).  Each time the Trauma stimulus comes into play the character must make a Spirit Check with a TN of 30 or suffer a 20-point negative modifier to all related Checks using the specified Stat.

As always, I hope you enjoyed this and have a great time Gaming!!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Monsters and Magic: Into Darkness 2

Hey hey!

I hope that everyone is doing well and that your creativity has been flowing.  My work has been going at its normal pace, but any progress is a good thing.

Today I present you with two of the species of the Into Darkness setting.  You may recognize these from my Espeth setting.  My plan is to rework many of them into my new setting.  The two races that I present to you today are among the most influential groups in the Mahizara Union.

I hope you enjoy the read and as always Keep on Gaming!

Monday, January 20, 2014

G-Core Monday 1

Hey Gang!

As part of my New Years revelations I have decided to return to a regimented writing schedule.  The plan is to work on specific projects on set days.  This will hopefully allow me to let out ideas on my plethora of projects in a more regular pattern.

Mondays are going to be dedicated to my new Monster Hunting G-Core project.  The idea for this one is to create something low-level power wise in the vein of such shows as Supernatural (one of my favorite TV shows).  I picture humans as the primary players in this little drama, but there will be other races available for play.

The first offering is a basic write up of the Gargoyles, a secretive race of warriors who hide among the ornate sculptures of old buildings...


            All across the globe there are stone carvings and frescoed statues depicting all type of fearsome guardian. The truth is that these artful decorations were inspired by early man’s interaction with this race of ancient warriors.  The origins of this race are shrouded in mystery.  There are no stories of their creation or how they came to gain sentience, all that is known is that a select few awaken from their statue-like state and become what they were ‘meant to be’.  Whatever the truth is they are either unwilling, or unable, to speak about it.

            Gargoyles come in two basic forms, Watchers and Hounds.  Hounds take the shape of powerful hunting dogs repleat with massive jaws and powerful claws.  The watchers, who represent the majority of known gargoyles, are oversized humanoids sporting massive wings that carry them through the sky.  Both forms are covered in ornate runes and scrolling lines that glow with an inner light when in the presence of the Hellborn.

Attributes: Physical: 4d10 (Agility 2d10), Mental: 2d10
Special Focus: Brawling +10
Special Traits
All gargoyles have the following traits
  • Keen Senses: Gargoyles see in the dark as if it were normal daylight
  • Massive: Gargoyles are large and heavy.  This imposes a 20-point penalty to all Stealth-related Checks.
  • Protection: The gargoyles stony skin provides them with 8-points of Armor
  • Sink like a Stone: Gargoyles cannot swim and quickly drop to the bottom of any liquid they encounter.

  • Claws and Fangs: These weapons deal 1d10+10 damage
  • Tracking: Hounds are able to follow a targets scent like hunting dogs.  This ability gives the hound a 10-point bonus to all Perception Checks to trace a targets movement

  • Claws: These weapons deal 1d10+5 damage
  • Enhanced Vision: Watchers gain a 20-point bonus to Perception Checks to spot invisible, astral, or ethereal creatures and objects
  • Flying: 10-point flight power
As this project progresses I will be adding new races, new powers, and many creatures for the characters to encounter.  It should be a lot of fun both to write and to play!.

Thanks as always and Keep on Gaming!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Monsters and Magic: Into Darkness 1

Hey Hey

Here I present the first portion of a small setting book I am working on for the Monsters & Magic RPG.  Unlike my previous writing for this game it is decidedly not a fantasy offering.  Instead of the normal tropes associated with such a game I am going for a High Adventure, Sci-Fi/Horror mash up.

This setting, Into Darkness, will contain a plethora of new ideas for M&M including compartmentalized 'super-powers', psionics, and cybernetics.  This is an idea that has been perculating for a very long time so I hope you all enjoy the ride!!

Thanks as always, and Keep on Gaming!!

Monday, January 13, 2014

New Year, New Ideas

Hey everyone!

First off I hope that all of you are having a great New Year thus far and had an enjoyable holiday season no matter what your personal beliefs are.  I have been doing well despite a rather serious bout of problems with my neck and spine.  It is this not so enjoyable problem that has been keeping me from my normal amount of productivity.

I have decided to be more proactive this year with my work.  I have been accepted as an artist for an upcoming Monsters and Magic product and have submitted my writing to a company whose work I enjoy.  These steps are huge for me and are helping me to move along in my other personal projects.

Writing wise I have slowly been working on my homebrew system and two different settings for it.  Although it has been going slow I have been making progress and that is always a good thing.  I am extremely fortunate to have a number of people who have been supporting me and helping me through my creative and personal issues.

Today I want to present one of the races for my Hellborn project.  Hellborn is a modern day setting where mankind is besieged by monstrous creatures from an adjacent dimension...  I understand that I have yet to fully detail my mechanics but the following will give you an idea of the direction I am going.

“There is nothing quite as grand as knowing ones true self.”

Physically cambions have two guises.  Their true form is drastically different than the façade they present when around others.  A cambions skin tone varies greatly from pearly white to deep glossy black.  Shades of red and blue abound and their hair is always a contrasting color from that of their flesh.  All manner of runic scars and tattoos adorn their hides and their eyes constantly glow with an inner light.

Cambions are able to shift their form into that of a seeming normal human.  They are pleasant to look at and radiate charm and an air of success.  The cambion is able to maintain their façade for as long they desire although they are known to lose control.  Strong emotional and physical stressors such as pain, passion, love, and hate can force the cambion to involuntarily change to their true form. 

Body                 3d6
Reflex              3d6
Intellect          3d6
Intuition          3d6
Presence           3d6

Species Traits
Charming: The character gains a 2-point bonus to all Persuasion, Con, and Sense Motive Checks.
Hellborn Heritage: The character is able to allocate an additional 4d6 to their Primary Attributes.  The Player distributes these three dice among the attributes as they see fit but only a maximum of 2d6 may be applied to any one attribute.

Cambion Traits
The character begins play with three choices off the following list.  Some choices are more potent than others and as such cost more than one ‘pick’.
  • Claws and Fangs: These weapons deal 1d6 damage when used in combat
  • Dark Sight: The character is able to totally ignore all penalties for dim or no light
  • Energy Attack: The character is able to release a blast of corrupt power.  This attack has a range increment of 10 and deals 1d6 +2 damage.
  • Full Wings (2-choices): The character is able to manifest fully functional wings that allow them to fly.
  • Horrific Scream (2-choices): The character is able to unleash a blast of sound that stuns enemies.  The scream affects a 20’ area. Everyone other than the character must make a Body Check TN 14 or flee for one full Round.  The TN to resist the scream increases by 1-point for each additional character level.
  • Horns: These weapons can be used to gore an opponent once per round dealing 1d8 damage
  • Indomitable: 1-point of Mental Protection
  • Inverted Knee: The character gains a 2-point bonus to all Athletics Checks involving leaping, climbing, and tumbling.  They also gain a 2-point bonus to all Running Checks
  • Prehensile Tail: The character has a long flexible tail that can hold items and manipulate things.  The tail can also lash out dealing 1d4 damage.
  • Scaly Hide (2-choices): 1-point of Natural Protection
  • Vestigial Wings: Add to the characters jumping distances and allow them to glide 2’ per 1’ dropped

Transformation: The character is able to hide their hellborn traits from others although during times of emotional or physical stress they may lose control and change involuntarily.  Changing forms in combat is a 6-IC Action.  The character may only hold onto their façade for a number of hours equal to their Body modifier plus 1 before having to rest for the same amount of time.

I will be posting more this week about my progress on a number of projects including a review of a game I recently discovered that I enjoy.  I look forward to keeping this going and to any response that you all may have...

Thanks as always and Keep on Gaming!!