Monday, January 27, 2014

G-Core Monday 2: Thoughts on the game Details and the Solider Calling

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Here we are, post two of what is planed to be an ongoing weekly post of G-Core related goodness.  I was thinking about G-Core, and its predecessor the FASERIP system, and its ability to be used for genres other than super-heroes.

The mechanics for G-Core are extremely simple... you roll a single d10, add your Attribute/Skill/Power Rank and compare that to either a static Target Number or the result of your targets defensive roll.  Easy right?

What I like about this is that it does a couple things well.  First it is wide open for expansion and modification.  The rules presented in G-Core Deluxe provide a variety of powers and ideas that allow the Game Master to create pretty much anything they, or the player, could need.

A good example of this would be the currently unnamed setting that I am creating for it. Basically the setting is quite simple and low-powered.  The main idea is that ordinary human beings, along with a few ally races, are battling a myriad of supernatural threats.  Jay, the creator of G-Core, wrote an expansion for his game simply called G-Core Grit that introduced the system for creating low-powered, deadly, and quite 'gritty' level characters.

It is with these guidelines that I am creating my setting.  It is a fun project and I am making good progress.  I hope to have the character creation guidelines finished in the next week or so and then I will move on to writing up new creatures, new abilities, and evil organizations.  Like I said... much fun ensues!

Today I present you with the write up for the Solider Calling.  There are no 'classes' per say, rather a set of rough groups that grant the character a few benefits and a requisite flaw.  The hope that these edges will grant the Player some ideas to better play the character and help differentiate the callings from each other...

            For years you have practiced the arts of self-defense.  You may have been part of a standing army, a private militia, or you could simply be a ‘gun-nut’. Regardless of your motivations you have learned how best to protect yourself and those around you.

Stat Modifier: 5-point bonus to Moxie
Special Focus: Military +10, Survival +10, Tactics +10

            Old War Buddies: You have a number of friends from your days in the service that you are able to call on.  Once per session you are able to make a Spirit Check with a TN of 30.  Success indicates that you were able to contact an old friend for some sort of assistance.  This aid can include providing equipment, shelter, and transportation but should not involve anything that could lead to the friend’s injury or death.

            Resilient: You have trained yourself to withstand pain that would fell a normal person.  Once per day you are able to ignore an amount of damage equal to your Moxie Stat.

            Weapons Guru: You know the ins-and-outs of all manner of weaponry from simple knives through heavy artillery.  This training grants you a 10-point bonus to all Attacks with two specific weapon types.  This bonus also relates to all Checks to identify and repair those types of weapons.

            Trauma: Your years of active duty have begun to have their toll on you.  During character creation you must choose something that triggers this problem.  It could be something physical, such a penalty when using ranged weapons due to a missing eye (Agility).  It may be something mental such as traumatic flashbacks caused by the smell of cordite (Spirit).  Each time the Trauma stimulus comes into play the character must make a Spirit Check with a TN of 30 or suffer a 20-point negative modifier to all related Checks using the specified Stat.

As always, I hope you enjoyed this and have a great time Gaming!!

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