Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Monsters & Magic: Into Darkness 3

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I think that for this weeks Monsters & Magic post I will jump right to the point!  The main thing I love about this game is not necessarily its Old School feel, rather it is its Effect Engine.  Simply put the Effect Engine allows you to create special effects or great failures depending on the way the dice come up.  Now I understand that this isn't a breakthrough in gaming history, but I enjoy it and so will continue to work on it in my own twisted way.

One of the things I am working on right now is altering the way skills are done.  Instead of the more 'typical' OSR feel I am breaking skills down into some specific groups and doing away with the entire level = power kind of thing.  This way of thinking is predicated by the fact that I am not a huge fan of Level-Progression in general and think the E.E would allow for individual growth while keeping a simple basis.

Each character class start with 10-points of skills plus a few optional points that allow the Player to customize the character to their desires.  As the character gains experience (something I will cover later) they will gain more points to be used to increase existing, or purchase totally new skills.

Presented here is my take on the base 'fighter-type' class for my version of M&M.  As you can see it is still simple and easy to understand and, at least to me, still fits the overall 'feel' of M&M.

As always, please let me know what you all think!  I am always open to advice and critique!  And of course... Keep on Gaming!!


Primary Attribute:      Constitution
Physical Hit Points:     1d10
Mental Hit Points:       1d6
Starting Money:          2d4 x 200 chits

            You are the epitome of the modern fighting man.  Your skills have been honed over the years to make you a formidable foe regardless of the situation.  You may be a simple militia member in a small settlement, or part of the ever expanding Union military machine.  As a person-of-action you know how best to apply force and more importantly are able to determine when, and if, said force is necessary.
Soldier Base Skills
Combat Skills
·         Edged Weapons            1          
·         Ballistic Weapons         2
·         Energy Weapons           1

General Skills  
·         Athletics                      2
·         Stealth                         1
·         Survival                        2         
·         Tactics                         1

Soldier Traits
·         Armor Training: You are able to use all forms of personal body armor
·         Field Repairs: You are adept at maintaining your equipment even in harsh environments
·         Fighting Lore: As current
·         Feats of Strength: As current

Soldier Advancements
·         Blitz: You are able to add your Milestone level to your Initiative Score
·         Brothers in Arms: You can call on former comrades for aid.  This requires a Charisma check with a TN of 18 and if successful a nearby NPC is someone friendly to the character.  This may be used once per session.
·         Leadership in Battle: As current
·         Followers (Heroic Milestone): As current
·         Sidekick (Heroic Milestone): As current
·         Stronghold (Epic Milestone): As current

Other Advancements
·         All-Out Attack Stance
·         Defensive Stance

·         Precise Strike Stance

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