Monday, January 20, 2014

G-Core Monday 1

Hey Gang!

As part of my New Years revelations I have decided to return to a regimented writing schedule.  The plan is to work on specific projects on set days.  This will hopefully allow me to let out ideas on my plethora of projects in a more regular pattern.

Mondays are going to be dedicated to my new Monster Hunting G-Core project.  The idea for this one is to create something low-level power wise in the vein of such shows as Supernatural (one of my favorite TV shows).  I picture humans as the primary players in this little drama, but there will be other races available for play.

The first offering is a basic write up of the Gargoyles, a secretive race of warriors who hide among the ornate sculptures of old buildings...


            All across the globe there are stone carvings and frescoed statues depicting all type of fearsome guardian. The truth is that these artful decorations were inspired by early man’s interaction with this race of ancient warriors.  The origins of this race are shrouded in mystery.  There are no stories of their creation or how they came to gain sentience, all that is known is that a select few awaken from their statue-like state and become what they were ‘meant to be’.  Whatever the truth is they are either unwilling, or unable, to speak about it.

            Gargoyles come in two basic forms, Watchers and Hounds.  Hounds take the shape of powerful hunting dogs repleat with massive jaws and powerful claws.  The watchers, who represent the majority of known gargoyles, are oversized humanoids sporting massive wings that carry them through the sky.  Both forms are covered in ornate runes and scrolling lines that glow with an inner light when in the presence of the Hellborn.

Attributes: Physical: 4d10 (Agility 2d10), Mental: 2d10
Special Focus: Brawling +10
Special Traits
All gargoyles have the following traits
  • Keen Senses: Gargoyles see in the dark as if it were normal daylight
  • Massive: Gargoyles are large and heavy.  This imposes a 20-point penalty to all Stealth-related Checks.
  • Protection: The gargoyles stony skin provides them with 8-points of Armor
  • Sink like a Stone: Gargoyles cannot swim and quickly drop to the bottom of any liquid they encounter.

  • Claws and Fangs: These weapons deal 1d10+10 damage
  • Tracking: Hounds are able to follow a targets scent like hunting dogs.  This ability gives the hound a 10-point bonus to all Perception Checks to trace a targets movement

  • Claws: These weapons deal 1d10+5 damage
  • Enhanced Vision: Watchers gain a 20-point bonus to Perception Checks to spot invisible, astral, or ethereal creatures and objects
  • Flying: 10-point flight power
As this project progresses I will be adding new races, new powers, and many creatures for the characters to encounter.  It should be a lot of fun both to write and to play!.

Thanks as always and Keep on Gaming!

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