Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Hunt for a System

As I previously mentioned I have been working on creating my own RPG system for as long as I have been playing.  These creations, both solo and with someone, have met with varying levels of success and although many are quite good none have gone all the way to completion.  The problem isn't a lack of desire or ideas, rather it is the fact that I get frustrated from the sheer volume of ideas I want to include.

I have a system at the moment that I am fairly happy with.  It is working in limited playtesting and while it has bugs they are ones that I believe I can work out.  The question that is constantly cropping up is if creating an entire system of my own is really worth it?  There are many...many systems out there both free and OGL that I could easily use and I really like many of them.  It almost seems like I am forcing myself to do everything in some sort of effort to make my mark on the genre.

Silly I know, but that's just how I am.  I am currently thinking that although I have been attempting to craft my homebrew system for three separate genre/setting I should instead just pick an existing game for two of them and save the final one for my system.  I am very much leaning toward a new OSR game called Monsters & Magic for my primary fantasy setting and G-Core for my supers/horror.  While I love G-Core I think I want something with a bit more crunch for my new Rally Cry setting.

I have been having this internal debate for years now and am slowly working working through it finally.  It is really only a matter of time before my system is done and that setting is complete... sadly I have so many different ideas and so little patience for putting them all down on paper.  I am currently 'working' here and there on a fantasy setting, a supers setting, a supers/horror setting, and a setting that is a melange of  fantasy and steampunk.  Is that a lot of things?  Hell yes it is... but I seem to work better when multiple ideas are bouncing around than trying to force myself into one line of thought.

Of course that is also why I never finish anything...

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