Saturday, August 3, 2013

How many is enough?

I have, as is generally the case, been thinking about gaming in general as well as my writing.  As of late the majority of my time has been spent working on a fantasy setting using the Monsters and Magic system.  It has been a great amount of fun and quite different from my normal train of thought.  I have even found myself wondering if I may have found a system that will handle all of (if not a lot of) my system needs.

This question brought to mind the question of systems and how many is enough.  By that I mean how many is necessary to fulfill a players needs?  I guess that is something of a pointless question since only the individual can answer that question.  I wonder if maybe the quest of finding the 'perfect' system is a moot point really since there are just so many options out there.

As is the case of most gamers I have slews of game systems and settings that I have purchased over the years.  Now admittedly there are only a tiny of handful of these that I have actually used but I try to read as many of them as possible.  With anything one buys there is always the chance of getting total dud and I wish I could say I haven't spent my money on any of them.  The truth is I have...many times.

What I try to do is find at least something of interest in these less-than-ideal products for inspiration.  This has served me well for many years and has helped me over some humps in my creativity.  That being said I have to change my way of looking at things somewhat since I decided to no longer work on creating my own system.

There are several games out there that I really dig.  Fortunately most of the ones I really enjoy are now using the OGL or a Creative Commons license which means I am free to do products for them pretty much as I see fit.  In some ways this is much more liberating than working up my own system from the ground-up.  I can use existing rule-sets and just create stuff for them regardless of their individual mechanics.  This allows me to do what I want and move on.

There are many games that I hope to do work for.  There is of course G-Core and now Invulnerable that I want to crank out some material for but I was also reminded of the game Supers! that I really enjoy.  All of these systems alone can keep me busy for a good long time... and that is if I were to stick solely to the comic-book genre.

With fantasy I am still working pretty much entirely with the M&M system although there has been some thought of using D20 Modern as a basis for my techno-fantasy setting.  These two systems are dramatically different and although I truly like the D20 Modern system I can't get entirely into it due to the amount of work involved in doing a OGL product.

That being said, what is enough for the typical gamer?

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