Monday, August 12, 2013

Chronicle 00: Book One Review

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I am taking a break from M&M Monday to present you with a review of a brand new game offering from Dilly Green Bean Games.  You might recognize that company as being the same one that makes the G-Core Games that I am such a fan of.  Please don't let my previous use of the game as an absolute to the way Chronicle 00: Book One is, while it has a similar system the game itself has been through an amazing deal of expansion and explanation.

Chronicle 00 takes place in a future where Mega-Corporations rule the world and their technological offerings have helped to create the perfect man.  While this premise has been used before, it is Jay's presentation of said material that sets it apart.  This is more than just a typical cyber-punk genre game.

Jay has spent tow years researching this genre in order to create his own vision of it.  He has chosen to step outside the normal tropes and  create a setting that is vibrant and easy to understand even by today's standards.  The technology level of Chronicle: 00 is very high allowing for all manner of product from simple cybernetic upgrades, through fully self-aware Artificial Intelligence's.

There are comprehensive rules for creating your own cyborg characters as well as powerful suits of battle-armor that take the fighting to the next level.  Even his use of power-armor is well done as it breaks it down to more than just bash your enemy until it's dead.  There is a sense of actions and consequences to said actions even if the attack fails.  There are even guidelines for repairing and recharging depleted mecha.

It is a fun read.  I was able to take in and understand it all in a relatively short session.  Anything that could be misunderstood is given an example to help clear it up.  While the setting itself is quite bleak it has the glimmer of hope that only the characters can help bring to reality.

All in all I give this game a 5-star rating not because I am a fan of DGBG and their products, but because it is worthy of that rating.  It is a work of patience and love that I can't help but enjoy.

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