Wednesday, August 7, 2013

M&M Wednesday 3

Hello Everyone!!

Today is another Monsters and Magic day.  Instead of another deity this time I decided to post another of Espeth's many important groups.  This group, the Ebony Eye, is known as a collection of thieves, assassins, and rogues, but most importantly their members are reputed to have the ability to sense the future.

There is much more to the Eye than is in this post as I would like to keep some facets available for when I go into more detail about their home region.  The Ebony Eye can be found just about everywhere but their headquarters is in the domed city of Antios.

On a related note I have been thinking long and hard about the overall setting of Espeth and with some advice from the M&M G+ group I have decided to stay small in my overview for now.  Instead of going into wide swaths of the continent I am going to limit it to one smaller region.  The region in mind is a wild, untamed area known only as the frontier and is situated between the two most powerful nations on Espeth.

I have also been thinking of the flexibility of M&M and the Effect Engine as a whole.  For a time I was thinking of doing another fantasy setting for it, then I wondered about doing a horror setting.  Now my thinking is leading toward a space-opera setting.  The great thing is that I firmly believe the system can be used for anything, especially when considering the Constructs rules.

As always thanks for reading and keep Gaming!

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