Sunday, August 25, 2013

What's your game like?

It is no secret that I have worked off and on with a variety of systems over the years in the quest to find 'the ONE'.  You know what I mean, that one system or setting that completely engrosses me and keeps me coming back for more.  Several times I have thought to myself that I found it, only to become frustrated and out-of-love with it for one reason or another.  That has lead to me working on my own system ideas many many times.  Has this way of thinking ever truly worked out?  Well no, but it doesn't hurt to try does it?

So in this vein I have decided to make a list of my favorite systems for you all to peruse and maybe get you all thinking on this as well.

Fantasy: I would have to go with Pathfinder overall.  I really enjoy the crunchiness and the multitude of options that are available.  As always there are issues with balance and rules confusion but that is just a matter of fact for any system.

Sci-Fi: Shadowrun, and by that I would probably pick everything 3rd edition.  The total package from system through setting is just awesome to me and it is one of the few games I have kept all my books for.

Favorite Supers: This one has a lot of options, possibly more than any other through the years.  I have actually settled for three games for this.  G-Core for rules-light, Bulletproof Blues for my general supers-gaming, and Invulnerable for my tactical supers goodness.  Three totally different and enjoyable games for three different play styles.  Shame I never get to play this genre eh?

Overall though I would say my favorite system is.... drum-roll please.... Palladium!!  Yeah, Yeah I know.  It is the epitome of problems.  It has a myriad of issues from the contradictory rules, the over-reaching skills, and so-on.  For me though it is just fun.  And isn't that what this is all about really?  Having fun?

On the home-brew tip I am slowly working on a massive overhaul to my system.  The mechanics are simple enough and have only changed a bit from its original idea.  The character generation has gone from a multitude of different classes to a system that allows the Player to choose what they want from a few lists.  Is it going to be the one for me for everything?  Eh, probably not, but it is still fun to try.

So what about you?  What is your favorite?

As always thanks for reading and keep on Gaming!

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