Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Whats going on?

Hey gang!

I am sorry about the lack of updates the last few days, things have been just odd enough around here to keep me from working on anything meaningful.  I have managed to get some work done here and there, but personal things have been keeping me busy.

On that note I have still be working on a couple of different projects.  I know I said I wasn't going to be working on making my own system any time soon, but a few conversations with a friend of mine changed my mind.  It is funny, there is nothing more enjoyable, or more frustrating, than writing and making up a game of my own is no exception.  That being said, after a major overhaul of the die-mechanic, things are progressing well on that front.

I have also been working on a couple supers-projects the last little while.  One is art related and though it is nothing major it is for a fun game and hope it will lead to more involvement with them in the future.  The other project involves working out more details and expounding on some ideas for one of my super-settings.  That one is going very well at the moment.

As an aside I have decided to change up the flow of the posts here on my blog for a bit.  I will be altering the days around just a tad to reflect my current predicaments.  Super Tuesdays will continue as is, but my fantasy offerings will be changed to being just on Thursdays.  It will also be more than just my Espeth setting as it will contain information about a number of fantasy-related topics.

I am also hoping to get to do more reviews of different games, and not just supers ones.  I enjoy this process and find it helpful for what I want to work on next.  So all in all, despite some ups-and-downs things are going well here and writing on a number of fronts continues.

Thanks as always and Keep on Gaming!

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