Monday, August 5, 2013

M&M Monday 2

Hello everyone,

Here is the first of this weeks two Monsters and Magic posts.  This post will not be a single aspect of the setting, rather it will have some information about the setting as a whole.  This is meant not only to help expand the view of the world for you readers, but also to help clarify some things here and there that may have cropped up.

My goal with creating Espeth is simple really.  I did this as a method to express my ideas both for myself as well as others.  For me it is a matter of letting others see my thought process as well as my myriad of ideas.  My overall plan is to slowly expand upon the basics of Espeth, eventually including artwork and maps, into a larger setting akin to something like the Forgotten Realms or the Pathfinder setting.  Ambitious I know, but one has to dream big I think.

The plan right now is to go into detail about each specific region before putting it all together into one large product.  This way people can cherry-pick what they want and only use what they feel they need.  Originally I was going to go nuts on detailing the southern region of Leston and the City of Stadtler.  Stadtler thus far has been detailed to a point and put up on this blog.

My thinking at the moment is to complete work on the portion of northern Espeth known as the Frontier.  This region is akin to the wild-west portion of the world and is situated between the two largest and most powerful nations on the continent.  It is a fertile area full of gold fields and areas ripe with other types of precious metals and gems.  This makes it an ideal place for the two nations, Golardin and Trepia, to duke it out as they have before.

Thank you to all of you who replied on my post on the G+ site about my setting.  Hopefully you all are enjoying what you see and read.  A more detailed write-up containing the basics of the Frontier will be released this Wednesday.

Thanks, and keep on Gaming!

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