Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Super Tuesday 3

Hello there!

Welcome to the third installment of Super Tuesday.  I have been alternating my writing work between a couple of projects lately.  The primary one has been my Monsters and Magic setting, but have no fear, my supers work has continued as well.  In fact sometime in the next week or so I will be releasing my third G-Core product, a small book of characters and a bit of their background.  This little project is just part of my larger G-Core work to fully flesh out my Rally Cry setting.

What's that you say?  Rally Cry again?  Yeah I know, its my addiction.  I have decided (after chats with several people) to break my supers into a couple of projects instead of trying to force everything into one massive project.

Rally Cry will continue to be my homage to a near-future comic book world while the other will be a more contained setting.  The reason for the smaller second setting is two fold.  The first is so that I can attempt to finish it as one project easier than a far-spanning one such as RC.  The second is that this will be my first project utilizing the Invulnerable game system.

In the past I have gone way-overboard creating my settings.  They are generally massive sprawling concoctions that span scores if not hundreds of pages.  This is great for free-writing but difficult for releasing to others.  This is especially true when I am also the one doing all the art work!  The benefit of working in this way is that I have to force myself to get better in both fields.

The Invulnerable setting doesn't have a name yet, but takes place around the same time as the Nexus freebie on this blog and the Welcome to Bifrost book available on RPGnow.com.  (yep, shameless plug)  I have been working on a couple of ideas for this little work.  The first idea is to place it on Earth in the years following the alien invasion while the second is to set it on one of the massive ships of the armada during the journey to escape the alien armada.

I have done a little free writing based on the former idea and the link to it is in this blog.  I hope you all enjoy it, and if you have any thoughts about anything I write please feel free to let me know!


There will be another post concerning my work on this genre later this week and more free writing on the subject...

As always enjoy and keep on gaming!

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