Saturday, August 10, 2013

M&M Saturday?!? and other thoughts

Hello all!

Well, this is an unexpected post.  I have been going through something of a writing glut of late and haven't gotten much of anything done for the last few days.  In an effort to alleviate that I have been going through some of my Espeth setting in an attempt to get my creativity going again.  Todays post involves what is going to be the first fully fleshed out region for my setting book.

The frontier is a vast, mostly-uninhabited area of dusty plains and switchbacks.  The recent discovery of all manner of riches in the mountains there has created a rush into the wilds in an attempt to become rich.

In the meantime I have been pondering many other creative ideas, although not with the results I would like.  I have been sporadically working on a Supers adaption for Rally Cry for the upcoming Invulnerable Vigilante Edition and have finished my next G-Core release, which is currently in layout.

On the M&M tip I have still been considering a couple of different ideas in addition to Espeth.  As I mentioned before there have been thoughts of a modern horror/monster hunting setting and/or a future based space-opera type game.  I am still up in the air as to which to work on.

One of the problems I have as a writer, especially a game writer, is getting over the idea that whatever I create has to be totally original.  I know that this is pretty much impossible given the number of ideas and products out there, but I at least want to be interesting and entertaining.  That is the part I struggle the most with.  I have a hard time not bashing my work and comparing it to other things out there.  It isn't a fun position to put ones-self in.

That being said I am fortunate to know several people who help me get through these funks and as time progresses I will have more goodies for you to peruse!

As always thanks for reading and Keep Gaming!

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