Wednesday, September 6, 2017

A New Year (personal) and a New Direction.

Yesterday was my Birthday (44 to be exact). As part of my Birth Day resolutions I decided it was time to revive this blog and get it rolling back to 11 where it belongs.

Over the last several years I have been bouncing from game-to-game, constantly searching for the 'Perfect' game. Have I found it yet?  No, no I haven't, but I have found one that clicks in a LOT of ways.


It's a simple game.  A game born of the OSR movement but is something more.  It is incredibly simple at it's core but has been embraced by its fans and a slew of creations have been born from it. It is the games extreme level of simplicity and ability to be customized that draws me to it.

I am currently hammering away at a Fantasy/post-apocalyptic setting for it called

Legends of Orizon. I have already released two small products in that universe ...


In the next few days I will begin releasing more information about Orizon as a world and the mechanics ideas that I will be using to mold Black Hack into my own idea of a system.

I hope you all enjoy it and find fun in what I do!.

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