Thursday, September 7, 2017

LoO Species 1: Jorath

One of the things I am doing with my expansive version of the Black Hack is using detailed species write-ups.  I like the idea of each species having it's own background and details.  I understand that not all people use such information, but I like for it to be there for those that do.

I also wanted to include species that were off the elf-dwarf-human etc type selection. Yes, there will be some of the typical choices but those will be the exception.  The world I am creating is a place where magic is considered evil, dwarves are despots and elves are hedonistic beyond words.  That being said there are people that try to just live out their lives in peace.  Some are more successful than others of course...

Presented below is the Jorath. They are a nomadic people found roaming just about everywhere. They are originally from 'Shattered Moon - Sundered Earth 1'.  However, the two Shattered Moon products are part of the greater Orizon setting so the jorath will be part of Legends of Orizon.

This is the original background with the new traits as fitting my personal conversion of Black Hack.  As a note, BOD is shorthand for Body. It encapsulates a character's physical strength, endurance and well being...

As always, I hope you enjoy.

The jorath are a race of warrior poets who appeared on the surface after the moon fell. Before the earth cracked opened they defended their homes against all enemies. Now they roam the surface seeking new vistas. Jorath gather in small tribes led by a pair of elders, one male one female. The elders are chosen for their wisdom and bravery. One of the elders represents the warriors while the other speaks for the rest of the tribe.

Jorath revere the number two. They carry two spears into combat, have two mates and pray to two Great Spirits for instance. The jorath believe that life consists of two parts, Learning and Loss. The Spirit of Learning represents birth, growth and the gathering of knowledge. The Spirit of Loss represents age and frailty. Strangely jorath don’t hold death in special regard. The see it as the only way to escape the Spirit of Loss. Jorath are not fatalistic, rather they feel life should be embraced. Death, whether by old age or in combat is a noble thing but learning and educating others is far more glorious.

Jorath have powerful centaur-like bodies. They are known for their great strength, endurance and speed. Jorath stand up to 8’ tall at full leg extension and their legs span up to twice that width. They have pale brown that is sandy to the touch. They have black plates on the lower legs that help them to traverse dangerous ground. Jorath also have a ridge of sharp black plates on their skulls that help differentiate individuals.

Species Abilities
  • Expert Trackers: Gain Advantage when following trails less than a day old.
  • Kick Attack: Can rear up and make attacks with their lower limbs. This attack deals d6 damage and has a d4 Useage die. This ability has a d6 useage die that replenishes after one hour of rest.
  • Long Strides: Can move to a Distant location by spending two actions (instead of the normal 3).
  • Strong Backs: Can carry double their BOD value before suffering Disadvantage to their actions from encumbrance

Species Flaw
  • Massive: All armor costs triple due to body shape. Suffer Disadvantage to all stealth rolls.

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