Friday, June 28, 2013

Gaming and Comic Books

It is no secret that I am a fan of Roleplaying Games and Comic Books.  For much of my formidable years I spent most of my time reading or writing my own stories in that vein and still hold the stories of my youth in high regard.  While my favorite heroes and writers have changed a multitude of times over the years I just keep coming back for more.

The same of course holds true about my Gaming history.  Ever since Jeff Darwin introduced me to the Marvel Super Heroes RPG in High School I have been dabbling in gaming.  In fact my favorite thing is to combine the some sort of literary peanut butter-chocolate concoction.  The desire to have both though has caused more than its share of headaches over the years as I try to create the perfect fusion of the two.

The problem comes when you try to quantify, to apply rules to, the fantastic abilities of a comic book world.  Too many rules and you lose the fun and fantasy of the whole thing but without enough rules everything devolves into a willy-nilly mess of unbalance characters and overwhelming confusion among everyone involved.  Of course this same idea holds true with any sort of gaming situation...and to Real Life as well.

I have spent so much of my creative time working on creating RPG systems and settings that they all seem to melt into one giant mélange in my dome.  Despite all that I keep returning to the stories that fueled my youth.  I am currently creating what I believe can be a great fantasy setting that I hope one day to actually write about.  Not just gaming based material, but a true novel or collection of short stories at the very least.

In the meantime I will also continue to work on my supers gaming obsession.  The obsession that causes me so much enjoyment and frustration at the same time.

Next Up: A Review of DGBG's great little Supers RPG G-Core

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