Friday, June 28, 2013

The beginning and G-Core

My first introduction to Roleplaying Games was through the old Marvel Super Heroes game.  Myself and two others played for a time at the public library before being booted for incessant noise violations.  Despite the multitude of other games I would be introduced to MSH would be the go-to game for our group for years.  Of course that was back in the 90's during High School and today that game is considered antiquated and old-school by current standards.

For years this game fell by the wayside for me as I moved on to other genres and other systems.  But my love for super-heroes would always return.

Enter G-Core.  A couple of years ago I stumbled on to this game on one of the many RPG-PDF sellers that can be found online.  Simply put, G-Core, now in it's Deluxe stage, is the simplified love-child of the old MSH game.  Gone are the days of rolling dice and consulting them to a somewhat confusing chart and applying all manner of modifier.  Instead the game uses a single d10 roll for all Tests and the participants add their related Attribute and Special Focus (read: skill).

Since its release there have been an almost constant release pattern from its owner and creator as well as a small handful of third-party releases.  I myself have released two such products in the last couple of years.  I enjoy the game for what it is.  A simply throw-back to the 4-color games and comics of yesterday.  It is efficient in its set up and flexible to allow the individual Player and Gamemaster to add more of everything without breaking it.

On the whole I give G-Core a 4.5 out of 5 Stars.  This not-quite-perfect rating is only due to the fact that I want to leave Jay (the owner) something more to shoot for.  It is currently my go-to game for both comic-book and sci-fi related scenarios due to its simplicity and for the fact that I can easily play it with a friend over Skype.

As a side note I intend to release more of my own G-Core projects although they will be done so for free.  I will put these 'expansions' up on this blog for anyone that may want to get a bit of the taste of my universe.

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