Saturday, June 29, 2013

What is in the setting?

As I mentioned previously I have been working on writing my own my own worlds for different game systems for as long as I have been gaming.  All manner of fantastic images of careened though my head.  Sadly due to my overall lack of the ability to concentrate on anything for long only a small portion of these ideas have made it out of my head.  The one idea that returns with the most ease is a dark super-heroes type of world.  For those familiar with the 'Ages' of comics it is easiest to describe as an Iron-Age setting.

There are grand heroes, diabolical villains and everything else one has come to imagine from a comic book.  The hard part for me though is the desire to make things different.  I want to create something that is easy to grasp but different from the standard comic-book setting.  One of my current works involves the creation of a long timeline that details important moments in the history of the Universe.  This is meant to give the reader some ideas of how things have become what they are... 

While the timeline is far from finished I can say that it's a bit bigger project than I had thought it would be.  For one it begins Before the actual creation of the multi-verse that contains the Rally Cry setting. Everything spirals outward from this event including the creation of life, the ordering of much of the universe, and the awakening of age old and immortal beings of great power.

The problem at the moment is where to make the end of the timeline... where to place today?  Part of me wants to start it at the beginning of a galaxy shaking event, while another thinks it would be best to start in the months/years before the event.  Does it make a difference?  Of course, but only in regards to where I want play to end up.  Do I want the event to be stoppable?  In other words am I going to give player-characters a chance to avoid or alter the course of the disaster or do I want everything to take place just after it happened...leaving the survivors in the wake?

It's an interesting question and one I need to figure out before I can 'end' the timeline and create the figurative 'now' in the setting.

Soon I will add the basics of the timeline that I previously mentioned.  Even the humble beginnings of the Rally Cry universe are interesting, at least to me  ;)

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