Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Super Tuesday 8

And here we go!

Today I am going to post a write-up for one of my characters for my upcoming Invulnerable project.  The statistics need to be fixed (thanks Joshua) but the basics are there and enough to allow someone to understand what type of person he is.  Currently I have cut down on my projects in order to concentrate on one at a time so that I can finish each one more quickly.  The first to be finished is my Invulnerable project (yet to be named).  Next will be my next G-Core book entitled Rally Cry: After the Fall.  Somewhere in there I will find time to work on my own fantasy system/setting.

Without further ado, here is Capitol

David Detweller has carried the mantle of Capitol since the 1950’s, making him one of the oldest extraordinaries still operating to this day.  David was granted his formidable powers by exposure to strange radiation given off by a tiny fragment of a meteor.  His father had instilled within him a deep sense of patriotism and honor and David quickly donned a star-spangled costume in order to protect others.

It was shortly after the formation of Freedom 5 that David was the victim of an ancient spell that bound his life-force to that of the undead terrorist Adam Lazarus.  Lazarus cursed David by making it impossible for him to age thereby forcing him to suffer the pain of watching all those he cared for wither and die from the ravages of time. 

Secret Identity: David James Detweller, government agent and team leader of Freedom 5
Awesomeness Level: 5

Origin: Freak Accident 3, Cursed 2
Motivations: Justice, Law

Physical Attributes    Mental Attributes
AGI:     5                      INS:     5
STR:     7                      PER:     6
TGH:    7                      WIL:    7

Absorb Energy                         3 (18)
Absorb Impact                         3 (18
Improved Absorb Energy          3 (18)
Growth                                     1 (5)
·         Larger 
Hyper-Strength                        3 (21) (+24 enhancements)
·         Crushing Blow
·         Powerhouse
·         Straight to the Moon
·         Super Leaping
·         Thunderclap
Hyper-Toughness                     3 (1+2) (14) (+14 enhancements)
(All from Cursed)
·         Immortality
·         Regeneration
·         Unstoppable

Basic Talents
Athletics                      2
Close Combat                3
Dodge                           3
Education                     1
Intimidation                 4
Metahuman Lore           4
Notice                          2
Self-Control                 3

Advanced Talents
Authority                     6
Courageous                   4

Achilles Heal (Sliver, Cold Iron)
Despairing                    2
Distant                         3
Regretful                     3
Oathbound                   3

Init                  10

Physical Resources

LIF                   12
VIG                  31

Mental Resources
DET                  18
REP                  10

CDEF                16
RDEF                13
MDEF               22

Sex: Male
Preference: Heterosexual
Height: 6’1”
Weight: 200 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown
Hair Style: Military style flat-top
Skin Tone: Caucasian

Costume/Clothes: David’s costume bears a stars-and-stripes motif designed to inspire others while reminding them of what they are fighting for.  In those rare occasions when David is not in uniform he wears military fatigues or other comfortable but sturdy clothing.

Personality: David has spent decades battling evil in all its forms and this constant struggle is beginning to weigh on him heavily.  He has become quiet and withdrawn although he still leads the current incarnation of Freedom 5 with dignity.  David worries that he will never see the defeat of Adam Lazarus and will suffer from forced immortality forever.

Goals: To protect the United States and democracy across the world.  David also seeks to locate and somehow slay Adam Lazarus, thereby ending his own immortality.

Obstacles: David is quickly becoming a man out of touch with the times.  His constant battles plus his naturally introverted nature have combined to create an isolated man who doesn’t understand much of what is happening around him.  When outside of battle David spends his time trying to fathom the actions of other extraordinaries.  He has trouble comprehending the sorry nature that the world is spiraling to and fervently hopes to help change the world for the better before his mission is complete.

Central Contradiction: Despite his heroic nature and constant defense of the “American Dream” David is severely out of touch with that ideal.  While he has spent his life protecting others he has done little to experience what it means to be an American.  He has never spent a day on a vacation, rarely slept anywhere other than in a barracks, and has never been in love.

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