Thursday, November 7, 2013

Homebrew's and Existing IP's

Hey gang!

I hope this post finds all of you in good spirits and life is treating you well!  Things here at the world headquarters for Hard Luck Ink (ie. my desk) are going well.  I have been plugging away at a number of personal projects of late and although some are slower than others there is still progress.

The main push for me at the moment is to finish the very basic 'core rules'.  My hope is that by getting a firm handle on the center of everything it will allow me to expand in a more logical manner from here on out.  The plan at the moment is to have a somewhat bare-bones starter set of mechanics to allow people to get the feel of the game.  Then, shortly after this release some small setting packets.  This has been done for a long time with existing games such as Pathfinder, the various D&D editions, and various others.

Unlike the bigger companies my plan is to go small.  Basically instead of releasing a single massive fantasy setting I will begin with one region (the frontier) and detail it.  This 'plug-in' will consist of regional species, special rules for that area (if any) and general information about what is going on in that area.  In the meantime I will also be working on some of the overall information needed elsewhere.  I feel that by trying to concentrate on one region at a time, rather than the entire book, I can get more done at once and not have to try to force myself to do everything in a hurry.

My overall plan for my system, to be named the Crusade System, is to have it be as universal as possible.  Do I mean that it will work for every single setting out there?  No, not really. What I mean is that it will be universal enough to fit all of my needs.  Thus far it seems to be working.

The first release once the core-rules are done (soon I hope) will be Crusade: Blades of Espeth; The Frontier (my fantasy setting), then I will do a primer for Crusade: Into the Darkness (my horror/monster-slaying setting)  after that there will be more for each.

I currently have copies of my base mechanics out to a couple people.  Thank you David and Nathan.  If there are any others among you who would like to help me out I would greatly appreciate it.  Just hit me up on here or via email and we can work something out!

In the interim I still have some great projects for other companies coming as well.  My world-ravaging supers-setting using the Cosmology Engine is almost done writing wise as is my Bulletproof  Blues post-apocalyptic book.  I also have a project in the works for another G-Core project.  One bit of warning those, all three of these are super-related and I am having some issues with the current state of the comic book industry and that is numbing my interest in that genre at the moment.... no worries though these WILL be finished.

Thanks as always and keep on Gaming!

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