Monday, November 25, 2013

The return to M&M

Hello my friends!

I hope that everything is going great for you of late and that this upcoming day of feasting is a fun one for all.

After many moons away I have made my return to the fun little OSR offshoot of Monsters & Magic.  Don't get me wrong, I never stopped like it rather I simply got involved in other things for a while.  Those of you who have read a few of my posts understand that I am a bit erratic in my projects and train of thought so me changing gears again isn't a surprise.

I have been working on writing up more of my many ideas for M&M and will be adding more posts in this vein over the next few days.

Todays offering is another of the Deities of my Espeth setting.  This god, Barag'gi, is one of the many evil gods that interfere with the lives of all the people of Espeth.  For centuries his manipulations have left an indelible mark on the work of those practicing the arcane arts.  Whenever one delves into the mystical they must wonder if they will become the tool Barag'gi.

Barag’gi: Corrupt Lord of Knowledge

Other Titles: The Silent Word, Master of Forbidden Lore
Temple Traits: Gather knowledge at all costs, Revel in using knowledge for personal gain
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Temple Weapon: Scourge
Spheres of Activity: Artifacts, Madness, Magic, Secrets,
Power: Steal Spell: Once per day the character is able steal the spell of another person and use it themselves.  The target spell must be of a level that the character can normally cast although they do not have to be able to prepare it normally.  This can be used to steal both clerical and arcane spells.
Description: A slim, pale skinned man with shining black eyes.  In his hands is a massive silver rune covered in black runes that crawl constantly across its covers.
Holy Days: Barag’gi followers celebrate the seventeenth of each year as the day when their master betrayed Xepheles and struck out on his own.
Holy Symbols: A closed tome surrounded by black thorns
Major Centers of Worship: Trepia, the Frontier, and Pythios
Worshipers: Anyone seeking forbidden information and lost secrets hold Barag’gi sacred.  The majority of his followers do so in secret due to their position as scribes and sages for important families.

Barag’gi is known as the first follower of Xepheles and the being whose influence brought about the rise of the Demon Lords.  From the earliest moment of his discovery of Espeth, Barag’gi has sought to procure, through any means necessary, all the continents hidden secrets.  It is his followers actions that have led to the led to the inherent distrust the masses have towards the arcane.

There are countless tales attributed to this god of long-lost artifacts appearing in a followers hand only to vanish again at a vital point in their schemes.  Although most folks would avoid this aspect of his worship those that are truly faithful to Barag’gi understand that the blessings of their Lord are fickle and short-termed.  For them it is enough to receive his blessing even if it will be removed at an inopportune time.  In this vein it is all too common for the devout to supply their followers with special equipment only to demand its return at the worst possible time. 

Today Barag’gi is treated with an unusual amount of trepidation and awe.  His accumulation of lost knowledge is astounding which draws followers of the arcane to him in droves, but is mercurial nature often drives away young acolytes soon after they join his ranks.  The masses fear him for his constant scheming that inevitably causes all manner of chaos across the face of Espeth.

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