Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Flavor Fave?

Hey Gang!

So earlier this week I was having a bit of a discussion with a new friend about my favorite systems and settings.  He and I are working a fantasy setting and now he is being so kind as to throw some great ideas at my homebrew system.  It has been a great combination thus far.

So, as for favorites there are a few, oddly enough while there are a few I am partial to specific versions of some games.  I know this isn't all that uncommon among gamer's but it still stands out.  Oh, and keep in mind I still like my stuff best :P

Favorite Settings
Hands down I totally love the Mutant Chronicles world.  It is dark, grimy, and has lots and lots of detail.  I am partial to first edition, but am looking forward to seeing everything they do for the upcoming 3rd edition.

My second fave would be Shadowrun 3rd edition.  I just like it, no major reason but I did get to play tons of it over the years and I think that molded my love of it.

Third would be 1st or 2nd edition Earthdawn...Simply put its just a fun idea and the magic item growth is just awesome

A couple of other Honorable Mentions would be the Earth-Omega Setting used by Joshua Kubli's Invulnerable and the Palladium Fantasy Setting.

Favorite Systems
This one is harder than settings.  I have read and played so many variations on the same things (I'm looking at YOU 3.x/d20) that it gets hard to separate them.  That being said I would go with...

FASERIP/G-Core: So much fun.  Simple, fast and exciting.  It also helps that I have played more of this than any other game out there.

My second fave would be Shadowrun 3rd Edition.

And for systems my Honorable Mentions would be Invulnerable again as well as the D100 Lite system used by BareBones Fantasy and Covet Ops.  Both meet different needs for me.  And I am now getting more into Fate and can't wait to see the Daring Entertainment take on Supers for it.

So, what is everyone else into?

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  1. System-wise I like Fate Accelerated Edition for roleplaying beginners, Dungeon World for ease of use and the awesome GMing format, 13th Age for backgrounds and the One Unique Thing, and of course my own system as well.

    In terms of settings, D&D 3.5's Greyhawk setting is what I first learned, but for other not-necessarily-RPG settings, the Redwall books' setting and characters are amazing fantasy (see: Mouse Guard for a roleplaying experience analogous to that), and a friend of mine ran a D&D 3.5 game set in the Pirates of Darkwater TV show setting. Magic pirates are always cool.

    OH! Totally forgot my most favorite setting of all: Spelljammer!