Sunday, March 2, 2014

Wow, that's just SUPER

Whelp, here we go again, more random thoughts...

So recently (last week) a new friend and I were discussing the possibility of creating a Super Hero setting/hack for a game we both enjoyed.  We went so far as to start working up the math and such necessary to do exactly that when we learned that another person was pretty much finished with just such a game!  Doggone it all anyway!

That leads me to my current quandary.  Although I am having fun on my variety of fantasy-based projects I am once again yearning for some super-powered goodness.  As you all may recall I have tried many times to nail down a system to do such with.  There are currently two projects in mind for this.  One, which is a super-powered/multi-dimensional jaunt is already set for a great game called Invulnerable (which has a 2nd Ed. coming out very soon)

That leaves my general and overly-large setting.  I am torn between several ideas.  The current games I am considering would be... BASH Ultimate Edition, G-Core, and Icons.  Now these are ones that are finished and good to go with no real work.

On the other hand there are some systems that I think would be cool to modify/hack some things up for.  Those would include... Monsters and Magic or MADS (both of which I have reviewed previously).  Now MADS has a nifty little set of supers-rules already, but I think it would need a good amount of expanding... As for Monsters and would need a huge amount of work.  I love its Effect Engine but boy, it would daunting.

The setting, although large, is set up so that I can slowly release things.  I can start small and expand out from there as has been suggested to me previously.  I think this is a great way to go.  Begin with a localized region then go outward from there...

So today I ask if any of you have some other suggestions?  I love hearing other peoples ideas and truly enjoy finding new games and such!

As always Thanks and Keep on Gaming!


  1. Have you ever had a look at my supers game, Kapow! It's available free at RPGNow:

  2. Hey Joshua. I have indeed had the chance to read your work. In fact I have been reading it again today for ideas. Oh and kudos on making your work Creative Commons.