Friday, September 6, 2013

Creativity....'aint it great?

So I have been sitting here today waffling back and forth between random ideas and set-in-stone projects.  Well, as set in stone as any of my projects ever are.  After wasting most of the day not accomplishing anything I got a bit of work done on my home-brew system.  It wasn't much mind you, but it was something and that is always what matters.  On the plus side I did get some really nice (in my opinion) pencils done for one of my PC races.

Home-brews are a tricky beast.  If it is going well it is a great feeling but I also believe that there can be nothing as frustrating.  I have way to many self-doubts and do too much comparing to other things to ever work on it for a prolonged period of time.  Fortunately I have several friends/mentors behind me that help keep me going on all my projects.

I know many of you have worked on your own systems/settings/writing and some of you have had the chance to put stuff out there for others to see.  It is a big deal, even if it doesn't seem like it.  I have put out three small PDF's as well as set some stuff on my blog, and each time I get butterflies.  I am very hard on myself and never consider anything done right so it is hard to get stuff out.

I was talking with a friend yesterday, discussing a bit when to consider a project done.  I am trying hard to cut down on the overall massive amount of writing I do for some of my projects.  I mean the original rally Cry was over 150 pages and that didn't include any sort of character write-ups or rules of any kind.  So I guess brevity, being the soul of whit, may be a good thing for me.

Overall work has been relatively slow for the last couple weeks and it is due to the fact that I let myself get off schedule.  It may sound silly but if I don't have a plan I never get anything done.  To that end I am setting up a new one that will be implemented on Monday.  Said schedule will include days for each of my three 'main' projects (home-brew, Bulletproof Blues, and Invulnerable) as well as a day for doing artwork.  That still leaves a couple of days to do whatever I want, which I am sure will include more G-Core lol.  Saturdays of course will be dedicated to actually getting to Roleplay!!  (yay me)

As I turn back to my drawing to try to finish this one today I want to take a moment to thank Joshua, Nathan, and Jay for keeping me going.  I am a frustrating person I know, but I do appreciate all your words of advice.

On a related note once I finish the pencils for my PC race I will post it on here for all of you to enjoy (or laugh at...whatever)  I really want to work more on my artwork since I will be doing most, if not all, of my own art for my upcoming projects.

Thanks as always.  You guys are great!

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