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Super Tuesday 5 (a day late)

Hello All

Have you ever stopped to think about what makes a good super-hero game/comic book?  Is it the powers?  The flashy characters?  The over-the-top story-lines?  I think it is safe to say that it is a combination of all of them for most folks.  The thing that has been bothering me lately is the general feel of comics.  Don't get me wrong, I love them, but they also frustrate me at times.

I guess at heart I am still and Iron Age fan.  I like the darker stories and the fact that death was an option (well sometimes).  I find that I have tired some of the typical stories, the recurring villains, and returning dead.  I mean this isn't always a zombie story.  For pete's sake just look at Jean Gray.  She has a revolving door policy with the afterlife that makes me sick.

Ah well, what are you going to do right?  I know that it is this love of the Iron age that greatly flavors the settings I write.  I love heroism and noble characters, but I want there to be consequences for their actions beyond a recurring villain and a slap on the wrist.

In the setting I am doing for Bulletproof Blues there has been a massive invasion of the planet but in this case the heroes lost.  The Earth is in shambles and mankind is reeling.  That all being said we are fighting back and there is a chance that the world can be saved if the story-line goes that way.  Basically it is a matter of whether the GM wants to save it or send it down the tubes :D

Things are proceeding well on my Bulletproof Blues setting and I thought that today I would present one of the characters that will be presented in the book.


Alien ambassador and strategist

Quotation: “If you can be calm for just one moment I am sure we can resolve this peacefully.”
Real Name: Unpronounceable               Origin: Alien
Identity: Public                                   Archetype: The Mirror

Team Affiliation: The Resistance
Base of Operations: The ruins of Chicago
Range of Operations: Local

Gender: N/A                Height: 2’ (sphere)       Hair: None
Age: Unknown              Weight: 4 lbs.             Eyes: None

Anya-tek is a glowing sphere of plasma-like energy.  While calm ‘she’ appears as a gently shimmering orb of white but when agitated the glow becomes deep red and jagged in nature.

Brawn               -
Agility              6
Reason              4
Perception        5
Willpower         5
Prowess            4
Accuracy          4
            Endurance        5
            Plot Points        1

Flight               4
Force Field       4
Invisibility       5
Mind Blast        5
·         Explosive Damage
Telekinesis       6
Telepathy         5

·         Combat
·         Manipulation
·         Social
·         Stealth

Master Plan
Perfect Recall

                        Base Move     Double Move   All-Out Move
Run                   60                    120                   360
Swim                N/A
Jump                N/A    
Fly                   1,600 ft.           3,200 ft.          2 miles

Anya-tek is a rigid, logical thinker who values honesty above all else.  Anya expects others to act with tact and compassion whenever possible, but does not extend those ideals to the Collective.  Anya prefers to be alone in order to think more clearly and generates his attack plans with cold efficiency. 

·         Protection: Anya-tek is driven by the desire to protect the people of Earth

·         Enemy: The Collective despises the work of the armet and will target them whenever possible.
·         Outsider: Anya-tek appearance makes most people very uneasy


Anya-tek was one of the most ardent members of the Union leadership to voice the need to protect the Earth.  Anya had been the leader of the observation team tasked to the study of the planet and felt a deep loyalty to humanity and its wide variety of personalities.  If not for Anya-tek’s efforts the planet may have not received the intense level of attention that it gained from the Union.   Even in the days before the evacuation Anya-tek had decided to stay and help defend the planet.  Anya-tek understands that the battle with the Collective may be futile but will continue to fight until the end if need be.  Despite the fact that Anya would prefer to negotiate with enemies ‘she’ knows that this one cannot be reasoned with and that open war is the only way to deal with them. 

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