Saturday, September 7, 2013

The yasith

My fantasy setting has many races available for Players to choose from.  The first one that I am presenting to you is the Yasith.  The yasith are a race of traders, diplomats, and con-men.  Known throughout the realm as intellectual yet conniving people the yasith have earned these monikers over the centuries.

The yasith are the founders of the massive trade organization known as the Mercantile.  It is said that the Mercantile has its hand in nearly every transaction that takes place across the land.  While this is just a fantasy most people know about the Mercantile regardless of how far out in the sticks they are.

This is not the 'official' write up for them, and the picture below will be getting colors added to it soon (ish).

I hope you like it and Keep on Gaming!

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