Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Super Tuesday 6

Hey gang!

Here we are again, another installment of my rants about super-hero gaming.  First off I would like to address supers and my writing projects.  I have been given two new opportunities.  For the first I am working on a small setting book for the game Bulletproof Blues while the second is a larger project being done as an expansion for the engine that powers the Invulnerable game.

While both systems are, at their root, based in comic-books I am taking a different approach to them.  For the Bulletproof Blues http://www.kaloscomics.com/ project I am using a post-apocalyptic world where the heroes are on the ropes after losing a war.  I have mentioned this one before.  It is coming along well, the difference from a typical world is that the world is shattered, heroes no longer wear costumes, and the survivors are just as dangerous as the invaders.  It has been a lot of fun.  So far all of the artwork for the invaders is done in pencil and a few are inked.  It will take a good amount of time to finish it, but it will be worth it.

The second project, using the Cosmology Engine from Invulnerable http://invulnerablog.imperfekt-industrees.com/ has gone through several changes.  It started as a basic supers-setting, then a Rifts homage, now it is a space-opera type of thing with lots of species, lots of backgrounds, and eventually rules for ships, planets, and all other types of goodies.  Like I said, this one is going to take a long time, but man, i cannot wait till it is ready for presentation.

Yet another G-core project has reared its head.  This one will be easy, just a few characters for GM's to use.  This will more fully flesh out the Rally Cry setting as well as providing people with easy access to the game.  More fun stuff.

I guess the jist of it all is that the supers genre can really be used for pretty much anything.  Isn't a spell caster from a fantasy game just emulating the powers of a comic-book character and so on?  Of course the same could be said in reverse, that comic-book gaming is just an offshoot of the fantasy games.  The answer though really doesn't matter does it?  I enjoy both genres, and well, several others, but I don't know if I would say I am more in favor of one over another.

I know, I know, I am constantly going on about supers related things, but it is just the easiest thing for me to write about.  That is the key isn't it?  I mean, finding a happy place where you are working on what you like and can do anything?  It is a great and cathardic thing to which I devote way to much time most days... not that I can always get something worthwhile out.  But that is just part of the process isn't it?

Thanks as always my friends, and Keep rolling those dice!

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