Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Random Musings

Hey everyone!

How are everyone's dice rolling?  Well I hope.  Personally I haven't gotten any true RPG goodness in for a while now.  I was playing over Skype for a bit but that hasn't happened for a couple of weeks.  That game is where I am play-testing my own system/setting so it is nobodies fault by my own that it hasn't happened.  It's all good though.  Despite the lack of actual playtime I have been getting work done on two different projects that are progressing slowly but surely.

The first project is a post-apocalyptic setting that I am doing for the game Bulletproof Blues.  It revolves around the world after a massive alien attack and is my idea of a "Days of Future Past" kind of thing.  The writing is almost done for it and surprisingly I already have a few pieces of art started for it.

The other writing project is my homage to the dimension hopping Rifts game.  It is going to be a darker, deadlier setting than my Bulletproof Blues project and definitely larger but I am really digging working on it.  This one is going to take a long time to get done, even for me, but it will be worth it.

On the art tip I am getting some work done for yet a different game.  Yeah, I know I spread myself thin at times but it's good for me to have a lot of options.  The work for this project is going slow simply because the writer has said there is no hurry at the moment.

I am excited for the middle of this month.  I am going to get some face-to-face gaming in.  It is a Pathfinder game with a GM I know and like.  His campaign should be killer just from the few notes he has shared

ACK, I just realized today was Tuesday and not Monday!  Stupid holidays!!  But not to be deterred I will make my normal Super Tuesday post tomorrow then Fantasy Thursday as prescribed earlier.

As always thanks for reading and Keep on Gaming!

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