Thursday, September 12, 2013

Fantasy Thursday 2

Hello all!

I have been working on some more notes for my slow-to-be-realized fantasy setting and in the course of it I have discovered that I really enjoy some of the more common yet under-utilized critters.  I seem to take these 'weak' creatures and supplement them into something more.

One example of this is the Gnoll.  In most games they are an afterthought, a creature that is used at low levels and then forgotten as characters whip on by.  In the Espeth setting the gnolls are more than just cannon-fodder for young adventurers to decimate out-of-hand.  Although they are not sufficient enough to be considered a 'player-race' they are potent enough to hand characters their heads if they aren't careful.

The gnolls control a massive area of northern Espeth known as the Frontier.  The Frontier has, of late, became a hotbed of activity.  Prospectors from Golardin are flooding into the region in search of all kinds of riches.  The influx of so many outsiders has enraged the gnoll tribes and sent them to war with them.  In essence gnolls can be compared to the Indians of the American West with the exception that they are massive, powerful, and possess ancient magics never before seen.  All in all they aren't someone to be trifled with.

To make matters worse the two nations that border the Frontier, Golardin and Cymea (name changed from Trepia) are preparing to go to war with each other and the largest battles are bound to take place across the region.  Understandably all of this has the gnolls in an uproar and seeking ways to defend themselves.  They have already made alliances with two 'young' demon-lords (a benefit of their unknown magics) and have captured and trained several dragon-kin to aid them.

Something else to keep in mind is that the gnolls of Espeth are not stupid, far from it really.  Gnolls are highly territorial, possesses keen intellects, and are master strategists.  The main reason they are not more of a power in the north is due to their inherently warlike nature.  Basically if they aren't at war with an outsider they take their aggression out on others.

Sure, Players will come to understand the gnolls powerful position in the Frontier and hopefully come to respect them.  I am a type of Game Master that like to keep players guessing and I think that is a good thing.

Thanks as always and Keep on Gaming!!

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